O mankind, eat from whatever is on earth [that is] lawful and good and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. Surah Al-Baqarah [2:168]
Press Release
Global Development of Modest Fashion Industry
Global Halal Standards and Accreditation Emphasized
Global Halal Webinar Series Announced
Various Opportunities Available For the Promotion of Halal Tourism in Pakistan: Zubair Mughal
For the Promotion of Halal Industry, Islamic Finance Plays an Important Role: Zubair Mughal
Joint venture of Halal Research Council, Jaiz Foundation and Bayero University of Kano For the Establishment of Halal Certification Agency in Nigeria
Halal Research Council will provide Technical expertise to Establish First Halal Certification Agency in Nigeria.
Discussion over contemporary issues of Halal food and their solutions – Organized by Halal Research Council
Apex Islamic Micro Finance leaders gathered at GIMF in Malaysia
AlHuda CIBE has long term vision for East African Islamic Finance Market.
5th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum will be held in Malaysia
Islamic Finance is an Ideal tool of Financial Inclusion
Funding Sources for Islamic Microfinance Institutions
West Africa an Emerging Market of Islamic Finance: Zubair Mughal
AlHuda CIBE Sign agreement with Islamic Chamber of Commerce (ICCIAU) to promote Islamic Banking in Uganda
Islamic Finance is emerging as an alternative source of financial sustainability in Europe
Halal Research Council will provide services to promote Halal Industry in Nigeria.
Pakistan would be the Halal Hub of future: Zubair Mughal
Takaful perceived as having significant potential in Tanzania.
Islamic Banking and Finance has progressive outlook in 2015
AlHuda CIBE set to enter into Uganda Market
Japan can get better financial positioning in Int’l market through Islamic Finance
4th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum Came to an End in Dubai
Islamic Microfinance is an effective tool of Financial Inclusion
Tanzania has Big Potential for Islamic Finance: Muhammad Zubair Mughal
A New Initiative for the Development of Islamic Microfinance
Global Islamic Microfinance Forum to be organized in Dubai
Al Huda CIBE extending its services to the USA market
AlHuda CIBE Eyes African Islamic Finance Market
Pakistan and Sudan Leading in Islamic Microfinance Industry
MoU signed to promote Islamic finance in France. AlHuda CIBE and SAAFI France will jointly initiate various projects.
SESRIC- OIC and AlHuda CIBE sign MoU
Poverty in Europe can be reduced by Islamic Microfinance
Poverty in Muslim World is Rapidly Increasing: Zubair Mughal
An Agreement for a Halal Industrial Park between Halal Research Council and FIEDMC
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