O mankind, eat from whatever is on earth [that is] lawful and good and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. Surah Al-Baqarah [2:168]
What is Halal?
What is the meaning of "Halal”?
Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful.  It refers to the things, actions and processes permitted by Islamic Shariah law without punishment imposed on the doer. It is usually used to describe something that a Muslim is permitted to engage in, e.g. eat, drink or use.

What is the meaning of "Haram”?
The opposite of halal is haram , which in Arabic is used for unlawful or prohibited.
What is  Haram food ?
All kinds of food are considered halal except the following, which are haram:
  • Swine/pork and its by-products .
  • Animals improperly slaughtered or dead before slaughtering.
  • Animals not slaughtered with the name of Allah.
  • Alcohol and all forms of intoxicating and hazardous drinks.
  • Carnivorous animals, birds of prey, and land animals without external ears.
  • Pests such as rats, centipedes, scorpions and other similar animals.
  • Animals forbidden to be killed in Islam e.g. ants, bees, spider and woodpecker birds.
  • Animals which are considered repulsive generally like lice, flies, maggots and other similar animals.
  • Animals that live both on land and in water such as frogs, crocodiles and other similar animals.
  • Blood and by-products of blood.
  • Foods and drinks which contain any of the above haram ingredients or contaminated through contact with any of the above products.
What is Najs?
Animals or things that are themselves not permissible such as amphibions ,pigs (khinzir) and all its derivatives, blood and carrions.halal food that is contaminated with things that are non-halal; halal food that comes into direct contact with things that are non-halal.

What is Halal Certification?
Halal Certification is a recognition that the products so certified are permissible under Islamic law. These products are thus edible, drinkable or usable for Muslims.
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