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Pakistan would be the Halal Hub of future: Zubair Mughal
The Declaration of 4th International Halal Conference & Exhibition Issued.
Mr. Muhamamd Zubair, Chief Executive Officer of Halal Research Council is speaking at 4th International Halal conference & Exhibition 2015 Jointly Organized by Halal Research Council, Punjab Halal Development Agency and USAID PEEP at Faletti’s Hotel, Lahore – Pakistan.
(March 18, 2015 – Lahore) The 4th International Halal Conference and Expo 2015 held at Lahore-Pakistan, jointly by Halal Research Council, Punjab Halal Development Agency (PHDA) and USAID-PEEP.

That the Representatives of Trade and Industry Organizations and Institutions from Switzerland ,Malaysia, Bahrain, UAE, Mauritius, USA and Pakistan shared their views and valuable research on the different aspects of halal trade and Industry and the measures to promote the trade of halal food and non-food products.

Mr. Zubair Mughal the Chief Executive Officer of Halal Research Council, while talking to media expressed his mission to promote Halal Industry in Pakistan. He further said that both the provincial and federal governments have to come up for the halal cause as there is a huge potential for this sector to export Medicines & supplements, Cosmetics and personal care products, dress/clothing items especially leather base items, financing for the halal industry and the Tourism. He said that Pakistan has every capability to become Halal Hub in comparison with any other country and the whole world is anticipating Pakistan as a Halal Hub which is becoming reality. He further added that a huge quantity of Halal Food, Halal Meat, Halal Cosmetics, Halal gelatin and Halal bones can be exported from Pakistan through which we can increase our exports hence can cover the trade deficit. In addition to this, he said that Halal Research Council will continue its journey in the field of Research, Development & Innovation and will arrange the international conferences in South Africa, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and UAE in the year 2015. Where as at national level, a road show from Khyber to Karachi would be arranged and 300 seminars on Halal awareness in 100 cities of Pakistan within one month would be conducted.

A declaration was also made by the stakeholders giving serious consideration to the challenges faced and emerging issues of halal trade and Industry and the measures needed to promote trade of halal food and non-food products. This declaration emphasized to strengthen the relationship among the stakeholders of halal trade and industry especially ASEAN and OIC member countries through harmonized legislation and standardization by creating awareness about Sharia principles on halal and to take measures ensuring strict compliance of the Ordains of ALLAH SWT and his Messenger, the Prophet of Islam, regarding compliance of halal and tayyab.

Justice (R) Khalil ur Rahman the Chairman Punjab Halal Development Agency (PHDA) appreciated the interest of stakeholders in this conference and shared the contents of declaration with all the participants.

The Conference ended with renewed mission by the stakeholders’ manufactures, traders, technologists, scientists, Shariah Experts and consumers to join hands in one direction with a recommendation to introduce Halal Laws into the curriculum at all levels be initiated at University level.
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